Why Do Players Still Play Evony? It Is a Good War-Strategy Game

This article delves into why Evony continues to captivate millions, spotlighting its awards, achievements, core features, and the visionary team behind its success.



3/8/20243 min read

Evony: The King's Return, launched over seven years ago by Top Games Inc., has transcended typical gaming lifecycles, evolving into a behemoth in the strategy game genre. This article delves into why Evony continues to captivate millions, spotlighting its awards, achievements, core features, and the visionary team behind its success.

Awards & Ranking

Evony's journey is adorned with prestigious accolades, underscoring its excellence in the gaming world. Noteworthy achievements include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO Award

  • NYX Silver Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards

  • Recognition for its Super Bowl ad campaign, including the Exemplary Cinematography Merit Award and ranking #2 in Top 10 Music & Sound Award Super Bowl Commercials.

Downloads and Revenue

The game's success is also mirrored in its staggering download figures and revenue growth. Sensor Tower reports revealed:

A net revenue jump to $385,751,902 in 2022, a 1.5 times increase from the previous year

Over 200 million cumulative downloads by 2023, showcasing its massive player base

Why the Continued Loyalty from Players?

Central to Evony's enduring popularity are its core features, catering to both newcomers and long-time fans:

Strategy and Puzzle-Solving Combination: A unique blend of classic simulation game elements and engaging puzzles.

Diverse Historical Heroes and Civilizations: Players encounter legendary figures across various eras, enriching the gameplay experience.

Rich Gameplay and War Modes: From siege warfare to PvP combat, offering a real-time war SLG experience.

Competitive Multiplayer Experience: Encourages strategic cooperation and competition with global players.

Strong Social and Multiplayer Gameplay: Features like the alliance mechanism and auto-translation foster a vibrant community.

Recruitment of Generals: A key strategic element that adds depth and historical context.

The Visionaries of Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc. (TPI) is not just about games; it's about creating experiences that resonate. Under the

leadership of CEO David Guo and Vice President Benjamin Gifford, TPI embodies a culture of continuous innovation and excellence. Their approach has positioned Evony and the company itself as leaders in the gaming industry.

CEO David Guo's Philosophy: David Guo believes in designing games from a player's perspective, focusing on top-tier experiences and fostering gaming communities. His vision is not just to entertain but to create games where players can live out portions of their lives, making Evony a lifestyle rather than just a pastime.

VP Benjamin Gifford's Approach to Excellence: Benjamin emphasizes continuous improvement over perfection. Under his guidance, Top Games nurtures a culture of open communication and empowerment, allowing ideas to flow freely from all levels of the organization.

Team Management and Culture: TPI stands out for its lean, open structure, and emphasis on speed and responsibility. This approach has enabled rapid innovation and adaptation, key factors in Evony's success and longevity.

The Evony Experience: More Than Just a Game

At its core, Evony offers an immersive, strategic gameplay experience intertwined with a robust social component. The game's alliance system and real-time translation feature break down language barriers, creating a global community where players share resources, strategies, and forge friendships. This sense of belonging and collaboration is what keeps players coming back, making Evony not just a game, but a global community.


Evony: The King's Return's success story is not just about its strategic depth, historical richness, or social connectivity. It's about how Top Games Inc. has managed to keep the game relevant, engaging, and growing through continuous innovation and a deep understanding of its player base. Under the leadership of David Guo and Benjamin Gifford, Evony has become more than a game; it's a vibrant, evolving community. As the mobile gaming landscape continues to evolve, Evony's journey offers valuable insights into creating and sustaining a successful game in today's competitive market.