Inspired by uCool and Top Games Inc.'s Battlefield Equilibrium Science

Explore how uCool and Top Games, Inc. enhance game balance and engagement through innovative battlefield strategies.


Dora Jane

6/7/20243 min read

Battlefields in uCool Heroes Charge & Top Games Inc. Evony TKR
Battlefields in uCool Heroes Charge & Top Games Inc. Evony TKR

Games that focus on PVP inevitably have to consider the balance of battles. Most MMO real-time strategy or MOBA games have realized this and have worked hard to adjust the matching mechanism. While, except for reasonable matching opponents, what else can be improved? uCool and Top Games, Inc. provide different ideas. They have enhanced the equilibrium science of the game through the progressiveness and participation of battlefields. This article will analyze them in detail.

uCool - Heroes Charge's Progressive Battlefields

Most of the battlefields in Heroes Charge require players to form a team of 5 heroes to fight against other players' heroes. Each hero has different skills and cool-down times. You can maximize the synergy between your heroes through reasonable arrangements.

In this game, the uCool's team creates a good equilibrium by gradually opening up more difficult battlefields based on the players' levels.

First of all, the main storyline is advanced through combat. The mainline battlefields allow you to understand the game's background while learning game mechanics.

Then, you can open Arena at your team Lv10. You can compete with other players to increase points, rank and get rewards here.

The third one that can be opened is Advanced Instances. It contains three modes, and the unlocking level of each mode is different.

  • Time Rift - unlocked at Lv13

  • Hero Trial - unlocked at Lv25

  • Camp War - unlocked at Lv36

When you reach Lv28 and Lv36, you can unlock Crusade and Elite Crusade, respectively. In the two battlefields, players can obtain corresponding reward chests by conquering each point. Moreover, you can also win Dragon Coins through battles and exchange them for general fragments, etc.

By this time, you will probably have obtained 18 heroes if you are a 0-paying player. This means you can start War of Gods, a new dungeon. In addition to your original heroes, this dungeon will also provide some free heroes of the day for players. uCool's team designed this instance to help players learn about heroes they are unfamiliar with.

Next, as your team level increases, you can also unlock more complex and difficult battlefields, such as:

  • Grand Challenge - unlocked at Lv60

  • Championship - unlocked at Lv61

  • Endless Trials - unlocked at Lv55; Trail of Holy Tree - unlocked at Lv95

Top Games Inc. - Evony's Participatory Battlefields

Evony's battlefields are the classic war-strategy PVP gameplay. The advanced settings focus on different types of formations. They are not in the form of direct battles between generals, but more macro attacks on the entire castle. You need to use the attack order, distance, and defense capabilities of different troop types to attack or defend against the opponent in a targeted manner.

They balance well on the battlefield reward mechanism. In many cases, you don't have to win to get rewards. The Top Games, Inc. team emphasizes participation. Therefore, the loser can still get certain rewards. This encourages players to participate in the battlefields and learn PVP more actively.

Besides, their battlefields have a corresponding Glory Shop so that players can further obtain the items they want.

The following examples can explain this design in detail:.

  • Alliance Duel Shop - Use Duel Coins to redeem Golden Castle Fragment, Source of Life, Blood of Ares, Ruby Necklace, and other must-have items.

  • All-Star Shop - Champion castle skins, Dragon Egg, Ascension Fragment, Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest, Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twig, etc.

  • Clash of Civilizations Shop - Officer General Chest, Lv7 Premium Gear Chest, Blood Crystal, Treasure Box, Junior Blazon Chest, etc.

  • Battlefield Shop - Random refresh, and you can use Dragon Crystal and Badge to buy the props. There are 3 free manual refresh chances every day. After they are used up, you can consume each 50 gems to refresh once again.

Furthermore, Top Games Inc.'s team adds Battlefields Betting in Evony to enrich the form of battlefield rewards. Before big competitions, players can guess the ranking and place bets to earn betting coins. The coins can be used to redeem rare items such as Popcorn, Lucky Snowman, Excellent Dragon Coin, and Adv Troop March Speedup in the Betting Shop.

In summary, uCool and Top Games, Inc. offer different but valuable perspectives on battlefield equilibrium. The progressive design makes the battlefield more attractive and easier for players to get started. The battlefield that focuses on participation will enhance players' sense of achievement and help long-term development. Their battlefield balance science inspires game designers to explore more refined optimization paths.