The Pioneering Role of CEO David Guo in Navigating Evony

The driving force behind its sustained success over seven years is none other than David Guo, the visionary CEO of Top Games, Inc.



10/25/20232 min read

Evony: The King's Return is not just a game; it's an immersive experience. Boasting over 150 million players, it offers real-time strategic warfare, intricate puzzles, and an opportunity to recruit historical generals for epic battles. The game now also caters to PC users, delivering a rich, large-screen experience. The driving force behind its sustained success over seven years is none other than David Guo, the visionary CEO of Top Games, Inc.

The Player's Journey: David's Master Plan

David understands that building a successful game is akin to building a journey—one that starts from the moment a potential player learns about the game and continues long after they've made their first in-game purchase.

The Crucial Awareness Phase

It all begins with awareness. David knows the imperative of grabbing attention in an overcrowded market. Evony took the aggressive marketing route, even advertising during the Super Bowl, a move that escalated it to the Top 5 Most Downloaded Games in the U.S. and Top 10 Highest-Grossing Games in over 50 countries.

Strategic Moves During the Consideration Phase

Once a player is aware, the consideration phase kicks in. Here, David's genius is evident. Potential players start reading reviews, comparing features, and perhaps even trialing other games. David offsets this by offering extensive game guides and unique in-game events, setting Evony apart from the sea of similar games.

Fostering Engagement with Unparalleled Quality

At the engagement phase, where players decide to download the game, David stresses the importance of a rich gaming experience. Evony delivers high-definition graphics, intricate storylines, and seamless gameplay, ensuring that a player's first interaction is both compelling and rewarding.

Conversion: The Delicate Balance

Turning a player into a paying customer is delicate business. David focuses on balancing the player's perception of value against the game's profitability. Special packages, limited-time offers, and in-game currencies are carefully calibrated to nudge players towards conversion without feeling exploited.

Retention: Building a Lasting Community

The retention phase is often where games falter, but under David's stewardship, Evony thrives. The game offers regular updates, seasonal events, and long-term challenges. Community building is key here. The social features of Evony have even sparked real-life marriages, underscoring the strength of the player community.

Advocacy: Creating Brand Ambassadors

The final stage is advocacy. Satisfied players become the brand's ambassadors. David encourages this by offering referral bonuses and social sharing options, transforming satisfied players into active promoters of the game.

David Guo's strategic, phase-by-phase approach to the player's journey has not only garnered Evony an immense and engaged player base but has also made Top Games, Inc. a powerhouse in the gaming industry. His leadership serves as a model for any game developer aiming to not just survive but flourish in today’s cutthroat gaming environment.