The Creative Genius of David Guo and His Top-Notch Team at Evony

David Guo's team's collaboration, efficiency, and problem-solving execution made this fun game "popular" and well-received by the industry and players.


Wesley Mills

3/13/20233 min read

The Creative Genius David Guo and His Top-Notch Team at Evony
The Creative Genius David Guo and His Top-Notch Team at Evony

With the widespread popularity of mobile devices, mobile gaming has become a major driving force in the overall gaming market. As mobile games continue to increase in profitability, numerous large gaming companies worldwide are merging with other promising game companies to compete in the mobile gaming industry. Undoubtedly, mobile gaming is the dominant direction at present. Electronic gaming has shifted from a purely console-based experience to a more digital and mobile-driven platform, with significant changes in business models and the way players interact with games.

What is a mid-core game? Compared to casual games, core games require players to invest more time and are more complex. Core games require skills and strategies to progress, and as a result, they often feature multiplayer experiences, side quests, and resource management, unlike casual games where the goal is to solve puzzles or complete repetitive tasks. In the field of MMO mobile games, the "Evony" series has been around for over a decade, with millions of fans repeatedly immersing themselves in its medieval fantasy world.

The game offers seven civilizations to choose from, including Chinese, American, and European civilizations. Once players select their character and timeline, they can interact with other players, many of whom live in different parts of the world. The automatic translation feature, combined with voice and text communication, allows people to truly understand each other and communicate seamlessly, even if they speak different languages.

Players spend many hours playing "Evony" to enjoy themselves, and more importantly, these loyal fans have high expectations for Top Games Inc.'s success. They hope that the company will create new games that not only meet but exceed user expectations.

It is due to these expectations and recognition that Top Games Inc. once again won honors in 2022. According to, "Evony" ranked fifth among the top 10 core games at the company's headquarters in the United States. In addition, the company has released several other highly successful games, such as "Infinity Clan," "Mafia Origin," "Kings Legion," "POZ," and "Mafia Origin."

"I'm a gamer myself," said David Guo. "In 2009, I noticed that many gaming companies didn't care about user experience and customer satisfaction. That's why I joined Top Games. Top Games focuses on providing top-notch player experience and service. We design games from the player's perspective. We recognize that players not only make many friends but also spend a part of their life in the game. Our goal is to create the best gaming experience and cultivate a lasting gaming community, constantly enhancing this experience.

"Since the release of our game, we have been committed to bringing fun games to players around the world. Hard work pays off. We now offer services in multiple languages to players in over 150 countries and have established long-term, close relationships," said Benjamin Gifford, Vice President of Evony development.

David Guo has over 25 years of experience in software and game development, network security, user experience, game theory, and API design. After joining Top Games, David led a game development team with over 10 years of experience in releasing "Evony". The team's collaboration, efficiency, and problem-solving execution made this fun game "popular" and well-received by the industry and players.

The success of war strategy games like "Evony" demonstrates that the team has the potential to make other game projects successful. David Guo's team is also responsible for other popular games, including the military war game "Plague of Z" and the strategy game "Mafia Origin." David Guo firmly believes in the importance of providing a top-notch player experience. He explained, "At Top Games Inc., we are fully focused on designing games from the player's perspective, providing the best possible gaming experience, cultivating a lasting gaming community.