New Epic General Gilgamesh Joins Evony's Aztec Set

Evony released the Godzilla Comes Ashore Event along with the first round of the Godzilla Collaboration Event.


Sherry Sun

2/20/20232 min read

On February 17th, Evony released the Godzilla Comes Ashore Event along with the first round of the Godzilla Collaboration Event. These events introduce King Ghidorah as a Boss that comes to Evony's world map. Burning Godzilla becomes a Spiritual Beast to assist Monarch, while Biollante becomes a new World Boss that players can attack in Evony. Players can also purchase Godzilla event packages, obtain new General Gilgamesh, gain new Castle Decorations - Godzilla Castle Flame and Godzilla Castle Jade, get new Avatar Frame and March Effect, and receive other valuable rewards.

The Godzilla events in Evony are divided into Special Events and Routine Events. Let's explore these events in more detail.

Special Events:

  1. Godzilla Event Package: This event offers five package tiers each day that contain Optional Chest, Source of Life, Subordinate City Clue Chests, Blood of Ares, and Premium Gear Chest (Dagger). Players have a chance to receive Epic Historic General Charles XII from the 5th-tier package.

  2. King's Party Event: To increase Party Cake experience and upgrade the level of Party Cake, players need to purchase basic Gems. Upon reaching LV4, players receive a Civilization Conquest Scroll Chest, and at LV8, they receive the Stables Officer Staff Scroll. Upon reaching LV10, players gain the new Epic Historic General Gilgamesh, Godzilla Castle Flame or Godzilla Castle Jade, and Civilization Supremacy Scroll Chest.

  3. Burning Godzilla: Players can acquire Spiritual Beast Scales by purchasing Super Sale Packages and killing Boss monsters. Players can use the Spiritual Beast Scales to redeem the Burning Core, which unlocks the Spiritual Beast Burning Godzilla.

  4. King Ghidogah Invasion: Players can get Godzilla Badges by killing Boss monster King Ghidogah, summoning King Ghidogah with King Ghidorah Token, and Lucky Chests. It should be noted that players can only earn up to 300 Godzilla Badges per day from King Ghidogah. The King Ghidorah Token can be received by buying the King Ghidorah Package.

  5. King of the Monsters: By completing event quests and purchasing basic Gems, players can increase Prosperity Points for rich rewards. At Prosperity Level 20, players receive the limited 7-day Flame Ring Decoration. At Prosperity Level 40, players obtain the Crimson Roar Avatar Frame.

  6. Godzilla Fame Emblem: During the event, players unlock the Godzilla Fame Emblem if they obtain any three decorations from Burning Godzilla Spiritual Beast, Godzilla Castle Flame, Godzilla Castle Jade, Crimson Roar Avatar Frame, Golden Prestige Avatar Frame, and Guardian Deity March Effect. Golden Prestige Avatar Frame and Guardian Deity March Effect will be available in later events.

  7. World Boss Biollante: Biollante is the new World Boss that randomly appears on the World Map and changes location every 4 hours. Players can get rich rewards by attacking Biollante regardless of each solo attack or each Alliance War. Attacking Biollante will only wound it without losing. Players or rally initiators receive extra rewards if their attack lowers Biollante's HP to exactly 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0.

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