Evony × Napoleon: David Guo's Fusion of History and Gaming

Evony's recent campaign in association with Apple Original Films and Sony Pictures' action epic, "Napoleon." under CEO David.


1/15/20242 min read

Collaborations with renowned IPs are increasingly sought after by many companies. Such collaborations must align with the game's mechanics and engage both new and veteran players. A prime example is Evony's recent campaign in association with Apple Original Films and Sony Pictures' action epic, "Napoleon."

Evony × Napoleon
Evony × Napoleon

"Evony × Napoleon" collaboration

Evony, celebrated for its city-building, PvP battles, and accessible gameplay, found a fitting partner in the historical saga of "Napoleon." This collaboration brought to life characters such as Napoleon and Josephine, adding historical layers to the gaming experience. The game featured iconic campaigns from Napoleon's life, like the Siege of Toulon and the Battle of Austerlitz, allowing players to reenact his conquests. Additionally, Evony infused its setting with French architectural and cultural elements from Napoleon's era, mirroring the film's visual flair and enhancing the game's historical authenticity.

Community engagement was a key aspect of this collaboration. Players took part in interactive quizzes and contests on Evony's social media, while staying updated on new content and events.

The "Evony × Napoleon" collaboration offered a unique historical immersion, blending cinematic storytelling with interactive gameplay.

As for Evony's market performance, it remains robust in a competitive landscape, supporting over 25 languages and reaching audiences in more than 100 countries. Sensor Tower data shows its global net revenue surpassed $355 million, with over 200 million downloads by 2023. Its developer, Top Games Inc., consistently ranks high on Apple and Google platforms.

David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc.

David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc., brings over 25 years of expertise in game development, network security, and strategic business management. He emphasizes that games are more than entertainment; they're a lifestyle. "At Top Games Inc., we're committed to premier player experiences and services, crafting games from the player's perspective. Recognizing that games forge friendships and significant life experiences, our goal is to create outstanding gaming experiences and foster enduring gaming communities," explains David.

Evony's success, particularly in 2022, is a testament to David's leadership and the team's dedication. Over seven years, Evony has thrived under David's vision of prioritizing user experience and fostering a long-term gaming community, enabling players worldwide to connect and socialize through this successful partnership.

David is a visionary and ambitious entrepreneur. Even before the mobile gaming trend took off, he foresaw the rise of mobile games and led a professional team to transition from primarily social media-based flash games to mobile games. With a user-centric approach and a grounded mindset, he consistently improved the user experience in all aspects of game development and team management.

“We aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience,” says David Guo