Evony General Beowulf Helps You Defeat Monsters

Evony General Beowulf has been the great king of the Geats, whose legendary life inspired the epic saga 'Beowulf'.


Sherry Sun

3/15/20244 min read

Evony General Beowulf has been the great king of the Geats, whose legendary life inspired the epic saga 'Beowulf'. As a new PvE General in Evony, Beowulf has good buffs on Mounted Troop. If you want to learn about his story and attributes, please read this article. In addition, this article will also mention Beowulf's General Covenant, how to obtain General Beowulf, and recommended combinations.

Beowulf's General Story

In the ancient British Isles, the story of a legendary hero named Beowulf has been passed down through generations. A man of towering stature and unmatched strength, his courage and sense of justice combined into an unstoppable force.

Invincible from a young age, Beowulf led his warriors across the sea to Denmark to help the Danish king defeat the malevolent mother and son demons, freeing the kingdom from fear and earning the adoration of all its people.

Even before Beowulf returned to Geatland, his heroic deeds were already the pride of the Geats, sung by bards and praised by the old king himself. After the king's death, Beowulf ascended the throne, ushering in an era of prosperity for Geatland. Fifty years later, when a fire-breathing dragon threatened his kingdom, an aged Beowulf stepped forward. The epic battle that ensued not only showcased Beowulf's bravery and wisdom but also his unwavering resolve to fight against evil forces. Ultimately, Beowulf used his last ounce of strength to slay the dragon and secure lasting peace and prosperity for his people.

Beowulf's name, like a blazing fire, illuminated the Dark Ages. His heroic saga, immortalized in the epic "Beowulf," continues to shine with eternal brilliance.

Evony General Beowulf
Evony General Beowulf

Beowulf's Special Skill

Dragon Slayer:

Increase mounted troops' attack and defense by 35% and increase ground troops and mounted troops' HP by 30% when the General is leading the army to attack.

1★ - Mounted Troop Defense +10% and HP +15%

2★ - Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +8%

3★ - When attacking Monsters, Mounted Troop Attack +16% and HP +10%

4★ - Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10% and Defense +15%

5★ - Mounted Troop Attack +20%; Mounted Troop Defense and HP +10%

Beowulf's Max Level Specialty

Mounted Troop Formation: Mounted Troop Attack and Defense +10%

Annihilation: March Size Capacity +6%; Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%

Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%

King of the Geats: Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters +40%; Mounted Troop Attack +15%; March Speed to Monsters +35%

Evony General Beowulf's Covenant

The Generals who have the Covenant with Beowulf are King Arthur, Roland, and Mordred.

General Beowulf's Covenant
General Beowulf's Covenant

War Covenant

  • Monsters Defense -10%

Cooperation Covenant

  • Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters +10%

  • Mounted Troop Training Capacity +10%

Peace Covenant

  • Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +5%

  • March Speed +15%

Faith Covenant

  • Reinforcing Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +10%

  • Reinforcing Ground Troop Attack +5%

  • Reinforcing Mounted Troop Attack +5%

Honor Covenant

  • March Size Capacity +8%

Civilization Covenant

  • Mounted Troop Attack +5%

  • Mounted Troop HP +10%

In the above covenant, two attributes take effect unconditionally:

  1. "Mounted Troop Training Capacity +10%" in Cooperation Covenant

  1. "March Speed +15%" in Peace Covenant

Except for these two attributes, other attributes are only effective for General Beowulf.

The Way to Get Evony General Beowulf

No.1 General Tokens

You may get Beowulf from the Epic General, Epic Historic General, and Epic Historic General Premium Tokens. So, how do you acquire these General Tokens?

1. Gather Troops:

Complete 70 quests to get a reward chest containing an Epic Historic General Token.

Gather Troops
Gather Troops

2. Server Monarch Competition:

You also have the opportunity to obtain corresponding General Tokens among the top three Total Ranking Rewards.

3. Advanced Journey:

Unlock Ultimate Treasure and upgrade to Lv50 through Challenge Quest. Then, you can claim an Epic Historic General Premium Token.

4. Champion Loyalty Rewards:

Level up your Champion(s) to Lv4 and above, and you will receive General Token Chest(s) and Epic Historic General Premium Token(s).

Additionally, there are some non-free methods to get General Beowulf, such as 5th-tier event packages, VIP Premium Package, and Limited Offer.

No.2 Historic General Summoning Event

During the event, you can use the "Epic Historic General Glory" to summon Historic Generals including Beowulf.

You can collect the "Epic Historic General Glory" by purchasing the highest tier of festival event packages.

During the St. Patrick's Day Event, Evony greatly increases the probability of summoning General Beowulf. Moreover, they set a guaranteed number of 6 times for summoning Beowulf. In other words, if you don't summon Beowulf the first 5 times, you will definitely get Beowulf the next time you summon.

Of course, outside of the holiday period, you still have a chance to summon Beowulf as long as the Historic General Summoning event is online.

Historic General Summoning
Historic General Summoning

Beowulf's Recommended Combination

The following PvE Generals' Special Skills do not conflict with Beowulf's Special Skills.



Nathanael Greene


None of the above conflicts with the "Mounted Troop Attack" Skill Book.

But General Aethelflaed and Caesar cannot use the Skill Book, "Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster".

In this case, when both the Special Skill and Specialty of the Main and Assistant Generals are at full level, considering the use of skill books, we give the following suggestions.

The strongest combination in terms of Attack is:

Main General Theodora + Assistant General Beowulf

The strongest combination in terms of HP is:

Main General Aethelflaed + Assistant General Beowulf